Open PhD Position Announcement

Transgenic Mouse Models of Neurodegenerative Diseases
Department of Medical Genetics, University of Tuebingen
One fully funded PhD student position is available in April 2009 in the Department of Medical Genetics at the University of Tübingen, Germany (Contact: Dr. Silke Nuber) under the project titled, «Generation and Characterization of Mouse Models of Parkinson’s Disease»

The project will concentrate on the comprehensive biochemical and phenotypical characterization of unique mouse models of Parkinson’s Disease (PD). The project will deliver novel models of this neurodegenerative disease, which will focus on cell aggregation and cell death. Characterization will also include in-vitro analysis and transplantation of brain tissue.

In addition to the Department of Medical Genetics, the program’s consortium includes:
• University of Bochum, Neuroproteomics Center, Germany
• University of Tübingen, Microarray Facility, Germany

The PhD research works will focus respectively on
The molecular and behavioural characterization of novel transgenic mouse models of PD. This will include quantitative and qualitative characterization via western blot analyses, immunohistochemistry on cellular and subcellular level, behavioural analysis (application of accelerated rotarod, automatic behavioural cages), transcriptome analysis, proteome analysis, cell culture analysis, pathway characterization, transplantation studies.

Applicants should preferably have an MSc or equivalent in one of the following disciplines:
• Biology
• Medical Sciences
Candidates from other disciplines are also welcome if they demonstrate skills in the above-mentioned areas. Demonstrated proficiency in written/spoken English is mandatory.
The applications (CV, statement of interests, two recommendation letters) should be submitted to
silke.nuber at med.uni-tuebingen dot de (dr.Silke Nuber)
carbon25 at yandex dot ru (Anna Samarina)

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